Online Classes for Your Chapter

Click here to download more details about the Fiesta Blue class.

Michael and Carole are happy to arrange a private online class for your chapter or group. These are run through the Shining Needle Society, just like their regular classes, but are tailored to your particular needs. Benefits include: a private monitored discussion group just for you, step by step pictures of stitches, ready answers to your email questions, and -- while it's not as fun -- you save the cost of having teachers in person.

Email Carole at for details.

At this time, the following classes are available:

TopiaryFLYWAYS: Stitching on 14-mono canvas does not have to be boring!  FLYWAYS is a 2-day intermediate level counted canvas class worked on Brown 14-mono canvas.  There is a minimal amount of prestitching: basting the main design outline and tent stitching the inner and outer edges of the border.  It is a quilt-inspired design which combines traditional design and stitch elements with more modern stitch elements.  The finished design size is 9 inches square.  The working canvas is 15 inches square.  

This design features an assortment of threads: Gloriana stranded silk, Planet Earth Fibers single ply and 6 ply silks, Princess Perle, Rachel, Grandeur and Kreinik Braids.  The kit cost is $80.00 which includes: mailing of prestitching instructions and materials; full skeins/spools of all threads, canvas, and complete instructions with photos.  I recommend Evertite™ adjustable stretcher bars which can be purchased from me at an additional cost of $36 for two pair with a “T” tool; $30 without the “T” tool.  Students are to provide a variety of tapestry needles, a laying tool, a frame weight, stand or other means to allow 2-handed stitching, and all other usual stitching supplies.  Optional: lighting and magnification.

Stitches used in the design include: Milanese, Tent, Diagonal Walneto, Plaited Rays, Multiple Cross, Eyelet, Diamond Jessica, Upright Gobelin, Waffle, Sprats Head, Crescents, Rice, Double Cross, and Double Fan.

This design is available in the Fiesta colorway, based on Gloriana’s hand-dyed thread called “Fiesta”.  The colors are mulberry, coral and golden yellow.

COLOR ON COLOR: Designed as a study in the contrast of color, this unusual geometric design uses ThreadworX #8 overdyed pearl as a color base, on a variety of choices of color of 18-mono canvas. Colorways include Bradley's Balloons (bright red, turquoise, green and yellow), Indian Tapestry (lovely mauve, blue and sandstone) and Mosaic (ocean blues and greens). Email for samples of the other colors!


STELLA POLARIS: This is an intermediate-level counted canvas design that uses fabulous twisty stitches and clever color choices to create a striking geometric design.  So, not only do you have a lovely piece that is fun to stitch, you’ll learn about creative thread use and color as well.  The finished design size is approximately 6.25 inches square.  The working canvas is 13 inches square.


DAPHNE REBORN: Daphne Reborn is one of Michael’s most popular designs. Based on Wildflowers, hand-dyed Impressions and Soie Cristale, stitching this piece is like eating candy -- you just can't stop after one little square! The kit includes 13" x 13" 18-mono canvas plus all threads needed to complete the piece. Available in 7 colorways:


ANASAZI SPIRIT: Anasazi Spirit is the third and final installment in Carole's very popular Anasazi series of designs. Michael and Carole have created this new design together to compliment and complete the cycle. Stitched on French blue 18-mono canvas, threads include Watercolours, Impressions, Kreinik braid, Waterlilies, Elegance and more!





GLITZY DIAMONDS: This class presents a series of 4 geometric ornaments that are fun and fast to complete in time for the holidays. "Glitzy Diamonds" is stitched on 18-mono Eggshell with Gold Metallic canvas - the 4 ornaments fit nicely on one 10" x 10: piece of canvas. It uses Kreinik #8 braid, Watercolours, Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame Braid, and Vineyard Silk Classic. You get to create ornaments that are uniquely yours by using the threads of your choice for each ornament from among those that are provided in the kit. The stitches are fun and creative.


ST MARGARET'S STAR: This class was about more than a fun geometric design. It was stitching for a cause. This was great way to do what we love - stitch - while helping those who are in need. Participation in the class included a contribution to a charity that we chose to associate with each of the 5 colorway options. Most of these were focused on women's health issues. We raised more than $2,000 through this class. See the July/August 2012 issue of Needlepoint Now for a copy of the instructions.


ARABELLA: This delicately lovely project uses a variety of overdyed threads to create the illusion of dimension.  Worked on 18-count canvas in 12 x 12 squares, this piece is just like eating chocolates - you can't stop at just one!  Stitches include Milanese, Scotch Square, Sprats Head, Rhodes, Giant Rice, Eight Point Star and plaited stitches, along with a Double Fan Doubled in the center.  Available in 10 colorways.